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    Image Identification

    Analyze the image content and accurately identify the comprehensive information of the scenes and objects in the image

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    Intelligent OCR

    Provide accurate OCR technology services in various scenarios and shooting environments

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    Provides advanced NLP and NLU technology to help your product better understand this world

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    Video Processing and Understanding

    Intelligently analyze the video content, output video content labels and multi-dimensional process video

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    Object Detection and Tracking

    Detect and track the objects in the images or videos in milliseconds

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    Not Just AI, Also Amazing Product

    Xingse - Create Intelligent Life


    - Early application of AI Deep Learning technology in plant recognition

    - Displaying plant names and original introductions in 1 second

    - Recognize 10,000+ plants & Accuracy rate of 98%

    - Billions of plant image data

    - Continuously iterate models based on massive data to improve accuracy

    - 30 million users covering 209 countries on five continents


    Win-win Cooperation Create Extraordinary

    Strategic partners of many Fortune 500 companies


    - Create new value with AI

    - Win-win cooperation, technology and professional 1+1>2

    - In-depth digging of resources to enhance the commercial value

    - Good opportunity is needed you and me to create together








  • Solutions


    Intelligent Finance

    Receipt Intelligent Identification System

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    Intelligent Tourism

    Scenic Spots Intelligent Identification System

    Intelligent Manufacturing

    Automotive Parts And Defect Recognition System

    Intelligent Medicine

    AI-Assisted Diagnostic System for Skin Diseases

    Chinese Herbal Medicine Recognition System

    Intelligent Agriculture

    Intelligent Agriculture Plant Protection System

    Aquatic Product Classification System Based on Visual Wisdom

    Intelligent Video

    Home Intelligent Security System

    Video Recognition System Based on Visual Intelligence

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    Industry-leading AI technology, through various industry application tests

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    10 Years Engineering Experience and Mature AI model

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    Support High Concurrent Load And High Availability Guarantee

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