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    Glority is a high-tech company specializing in the research and development of key technologies for AI.With the vision to develop the AI technology that augments people’s experiences in life, Glority has devoted years in the fields of computer vision and natural language understanding. Great advances are being made in AI technology, big data and large-scale user data and their application in finance, manufacturing, medicine, agriculture and tourism.


    Ingredients of our team: A wealth of thoughts, creativity, knowledge, and experiences brought by a bunch of tech experts graduated from world-class institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University.


    Components of our team: 300 employees and 80% engineers.


    Glority is headquartered in Hangzhou and has established a branch in Chengdu.



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    Empower With AI


    In the age of AI, it is a general trend to empower products with human intelligence. Glority hopes to enhance product intelligence, increase production efficiency, stimulate human creativity, and change humankind’s lifestyle to be more convenient, intelligent and humane through the research and application of computer vision and AI deep learning technologies.



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  • Funding Team


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    Huan Luo


    National Thousand Talents Plan Expert, Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent of the Ministry of Science and Technology,Graduated from Tsinghua University and Carnegie Mellon University, Former General Manager of Trilogy China Branch

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    Matt Chen

    Managing Director

    Machine Learning Expert

    Graduated from Zhejiang University

    Former Senior Delivery Manager of Trilogy China Branch

    Successfully delivered several Fortune 500 core data and AI systems.


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    Qingsong Xu


    Graduated from Zhejiang University, Former Research Manager of Trilogy China Branch

    Responsible for managing the Trilogy outsourcing platform, Leading the establishment of an outsourcing collaboration platform worth more than US$30 million.

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    Qing Li


    Tsinghua University Bachelor of Computer and Electronics, Former Technical Backbone of Trilogy China Branch,

    Software Engineering Expert, Leading the development of multiple complex software systems with more than 10 million lines of code.

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    Business Partnership: 0571-85227696

    Media Partnership: 0571-81185738


    Address:B2019, North Building, Haichuang Base, No. 368 Liuhe Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China